Mini-Scenario #3, Norwegian Patrol

To disrupt the Reich’s iron shipments emanating from Sweden, the Royal Navy was tasked with setting mines along the Norwegian coast and patrolling those waters to clear the way for landing troops in Narvik. A battlecruiser and its destroyer squadron near Vestfjord sighted two enemy vessels. Without delay, they closed and opened fire.

What happened? Unbeknownst to the British, the German invasion of Norway was underway. The two German BCs (Gneisenau and Scharnhorst) were returning from escorting troop ships. When British guns opened on them, the Germans misidentified the destroyers as capital ships. Guarding the approach to Narvik, where British forces were set to land, the Renown inflicted minor damage. Rough sea proved itself a third adversary in this confused battle. The Germans soon broke off.

Historically, both sides avoided this encounter. But what if Germans were more determined to attack? Enjoy below short session report in format of Video.

Mini-Scenario #4, Chance Encounter

When British troops were evacuating Narvik, German forces had launched a new offensive to the north to hurry that process along. Covering the evacuation were several assets of the Home Fleet, including the HMS Glorious, but it detached to return home to refuel. Enroute, it bumped into assets of Operation Juno.

What happened? While supporting the convoy off Harstad, the two German battle-cruisers spotted the Glorious steaming out. Caught unawares, with no air cover, the Glorious attempted to elude the enemy but gunners found their range. As the aircraft carrier met its demise, her destroyers valiantly charged and torpedoed the Scharnhorst. Flooding was significant but not debilitating.

A scenario where Germans finally are active side with advantage. Would it end historically? Enjoy!