Yet one more great game which arrived as a part of the GMT 2021 Summer Sale. The Dark Summer: Normandy 1944 is the latest in Ted S. Raicer’s WWII operational series wargames. This title uses a chit-pull activation system that determines both the order and type of each sides’ actions. The game last ten action-packed turns, covering June 6 to August 21, 1944.

This is position of moderate complexity, but nevertheless covers all the most important elements of the campaign. There are rules for the D-Day Landings, untried German strong-points and Ost battalions, Allied tac-air and carpet bombing, Allied artillery superiority, German nebelwerfer and flak guns, etc. All this from one of the best wargame authors – so it is not surprising, I am simply anxious to bring the game to the table! For now, detailed look into the contents of the box:

The session reports will follow!