A very interesting – and pretty innovative – Kickstarter Campaign draw my attention lately. This is regarding Taelmoor!

Game Box

Taelmoor is The Scan-and-Play Dungeon Crawler. Created by the Delve Bros, three literal brothers connected through games, Taelmoor was inspired by countless hours of Dungeons & Dragons and classic board games. I see also a lot of resemblance to some of my favorite dungeon-crawler games – Karak and Clank!.

A full game

In Taelmoor, players team up to explore sprawling scenarios. Modular tabletop pieces lay out the story on the tabletop. A companion app acts as guide, dungeon master, and bookkeeper. Players scan QR codes on interactive objects to enable a unique tabletop experience with the best parts of both a board game and a video game.

Dragon hoard

Taelmoor launched on Kickstarter July 13th at 8am PDT / 11am EDT. You can find more information on the game in links below – worth checking out!