Recently I tend to spend more and more time with solo game – the forced lock-downs and all pandemic situation definitely discourages face-to-face gaming. Thus if I see some new games in this genre appearing on horizon, I am always intrigued.

Recently I stumbled on the Kickstarter on the small, neat, solo survival miniatures gamebook – Memory Decompression:

This is a solo gamebook with miniatures, where you will play as a girl who wakes-up on the beach, unable to remember who she is or what happened to her. In Memory Decompression it will be the text that guides you. You will have several options to progress your journey. As a general rule, you will have a board to the left presenting the room you are in and to the right a narrative text with any special conditions or rules, if any, for you to progress with the story.

What is more, you must swap your miniature according to the water depth of each location. For this, you will have 3 miniatures of the main character. You will move your adventurer through the different, colored circles to progress. Each circle will have number and color depending on water depth. That will be of course connected with the text to the right, discussing options and actions available.

Of course, there will be enemies you have to defeat and traps to avoid. All this to discover what has really happened…

You may wonder about replayability? Well, I like that creators thought about it!

We are aware that as a general rule gamebooks usually offer little replayability value. That’s why we have developed different endings for the game. The original idea of the game included only one ending, which of course is included in the book. But we really enjoyed adding more endings, making the adventure way more interactive: different decisions in the game may lead you to a different ending. That’s why we currently have 4 different endings. And the best part is that they are all very different from each other. Will you manage to solve all 4 plots in Memory Decompression??

Kickstarter page

The link to campaign can be founf here: Kickstarter

I am really curious of this small campaign and wholeheartedly support the effort. Hopefully, it will get published!