The last 6-8 months was a very difficult time for everybody – the pandemic eruption suddenly and severely interrupted most of real, fact to face interactions. The impact was on most important areas of our everyday life like work, family meetings, social interactions, etc., but to a great extent also on our hobbies. The boardgames is one of such examples – it is always a great way to spend time with your friends playing the favorite title.

What to do if above is not possible? Of course, use the power of internet and boardgame communities. One of such fantastic groups is Commands & Colors – organized around the website created by Alessandro Crespi: With invaluable help of Marc McG – our tournaments organizer – we had plenty of opportunities to play our favorite games without leaving the safety of our homes. I took part in 5 such initiatives and would like briefly share the details about them. You never know, maybe you will be interested to join the next tournament?

Commands Colors Ancients

The first, started in March 2020, was Commands Colors Ancients Open Tournament 2020 (more details about CCA OT2020 here). This is a specific type of organized play in C&C world, where number of players is unlimited. This time we had whooping 33 participants! To manage such a number, we play in Swiss Tournament type, with 5 rounds, first being randomly decided and then from the second, pairing people by they rating. You can read about pairing here: VT Chess Swiss pairing system.

Each month you play two games. These are with one opponent and one scenario, alternating the sides. There is no specific, historical background to the choice of the scenarios – usually, the most balanced ones, allowing for competitive play.

My 16 games of the CCA in OT2020

As for my performance in this tournament I could be really proud. I managed to get to the semifinals, where I was bested by future victor – Mark McG. Still, the results from preliminary round is something I can be proud of 🙂 So, if you fancy C&C Ancients, do not hesitate and head to CCA web page!

The Great War

Similarly, in March 2020, we initiated The Great War Fifth tournament (more details about TGW MT05 here). Unlike the Open Tournaments, the number of players is usually limited to 10 (and has to be even for a correct games match-up). Also, the chosen scenarios are usually concentrating around some historical event, war, epoch or theater of operations. In case of MT05 it was the famous battle of Verdun.

The tournament was very long and intense as starting in the worst times of isolation, we had chosen to play round robin among 9 players. Switching sides in each scenario. That meant 16 games in preliminary round!

My 18 games of the TGW in MT05

After long and exciting preliminary round, with very close results, I progressed to the semifinals where I met our new colleagues (who previously played a lot of Memoir’44). Gotigerssc is a very formidable opponent and my tournament story ended after two exciting games!

I am aware that The Great War might not have as many fans as CCA or other titles in the series. Still, this is one of the Mr Borg masterpieces, bringing to live the seemingly static trench warfare. So, if you fancy The Great War, do not hesitate and head to TGW web page!

Commands Colors Napoleonics

In the meantime Mark announced he is looking for one more player for a special C&C tournament. I opted to try it and so joined Commands Colors Napoleonics 20th Mini Tournament – EPIC scenarios (more details about CCN MT20 here).

I did not have a chance to play the Napoleonics in EPIC format before. I must admit, Mr Borg does not stop to surprise me (positively!) how he handles his games and what innovative systems he is devising for his creations. Ability to play one card form hand and one from “rack” (5 cards visible to both sides) is a very neat and interesting mechanism.

As this was Tournament focused on EPIC scenarios, there was no common historical theme here. Still, the grand clashes at Raab, Aspern-Essling or well known from base game Bussaco gave us a lot of fun.

My 7 long, EPIC games of the CCN in MT20

I must admit, I was a bit rusty with CCN which was clearly visible in my results in the heats. With one victory in 7 games there was no chance to progress to play-offs, but I am really glad I participated and learned the new mechanics! So, if you fancy Commands Colors Napoleonics, do not hesitate and head to CCN web page.

Commands Colors Medieval

In the meantime, the discussion started about possibility to play the tournament with newest publication in C&C world. I came up with the idea of the Late Roman Empire Tournament, combining the historically connected scenarios from Ancients and Medieval and so the 2nd Medieval Mini Tournament started (more details about CCM MT02 here).

We have here scenarios only from before the Western Roman Empire fall. Still, they were published in two games. Grand battles of Adrianople, Argentoratum or Salices in Ancients while Utus River and Catalunian Fields in Medieval. Playing the tournament requires some flexibility, as you have distinct set of rules between CCA and CCM, but the historical theme of Barbarians vs Empire holds strong.

My 6 games of the CCA & CCM in MT02

We have just finished the preliminary round of 6 games and will be playing play-offs soon. And yes, I have progressed to the heats:) My opponent will be Gonzo, very experienced and good player so I hope for a couple of great games – we will play EPIC Argentoratum! So, if you fancy Commands Colors Medieval, do not hesitate and head to CCM web page.

Commands Colors Tricorne

I am pretty new to the Commands Colors Tricorne – started to play it only form June this year, mobilized by the US Independence Day (see my article on Bunker Hill battle). On the other hand, that pretty fresh position was only gradually building the group of devoted players and in the end – I think also due to the pandemic – we decided it is time to play the First Tricorne Mini Tournament (more details about CCT MT01 here)

The historical background for the competition was Philadelphia campaign and battles like Brandywine, Monmouth or Germantown. It was great to discover that great game with experienced players. The game mechanics, dice with two Flags and no Leader plus Rally roll makes it a very distinctive and innovative experience.

My 6 games of the CCT in MT01

As for my performance, that was not bad for the newcomer to the title. The decent results of 5 games were however overshadowed by two disasters: 2-7 with Gotigerssc and 2-9 with J.R. Tracy. Well, learning can be painful sometimes but I still recon this game as a great title. So, if you fancy Commands Colors Tricorne, do not hesitate and head to CCT web page.


As you can see, even being confined to your home and isolated from other face-to-face Commands&Colors players, there are great ways to get in touch and play your favorite game series. Please be also aware, that while we talk here about Tournaments, the main goal of playing is fun and time great spent. Victory is always a great thing, true. The great community of like-minded and friendly players is even more important.

Are you ready to join?