About game:

Storms of Steel! is the second stand-alone title in the best selling Conflict of Heroes series. Conflict of Heroes is a tactical war game of platoon-sized engagements, with each counter representing a squad of infantry, a crewed gun, or a vehicle. The engagements are presented as firefights with different objectives. During a firefight, players use their army’s units to fight for these objectives, which are worth victory points (VPs). The player with the most VPs at the end of the game wins.

Important to note is what new 3rd Edition brings:
• The latest 3rd Edition Conflict of Heroes Rules
• Updated maps and overlay artwork to be highly detailed and more beautiful than the original (true!!!)
• All new counters in addition to new versions of the previous counters
• New box format, with updated tray inserts designed by Game Trayz

Number of players:

This is of course primary a 2-players wargame with great option to add more combatants in larger scenarios – I think as per recommendation, 4 in total is maximum.

Playing time: This rather light wargame can be played from 60 minutes (smaller scenarios) up to 3 hours (very large scenarios, played on four combined maps).
Complexity: Definitely not overly complex wargame, with the rules gradually explained as we progress through campaign. I even use it for the new adepts of wargaming as example light wargame.
What I like:
  • Fantastic way to introduce players to the rules – each scenario clearly defines which sections of rule-book are needed and gradually add to this as we progress through campaign
  • Components – I rarely ever  have seen such a detailed, beautiful, think and large counters! The maps are also top-notch, and special trays to keep counters organized – very useful!
  • Thematic – there is no doubt, both historical introductions as well as scenarios itself builds-up a great narrative, steady leading the player to the greatest tank engagements of history
  • New spent check rules – there was so much discussion about it that I will not bring it again but will simply state that I really like the possibility to activate a unit couple of times during the turn. And the rolls – with the amount we do, are pretty well distributed from probability perspective.
What I do not like:
  • The amount of time I had to wait for the game 🙂 I think everybody who ordered it had to be very, very patient (for me it was 3 years!)
  • Sometimes, in smaller scenarios with less units, some hasty moves or unlucky roll can impact your game; in large-scale battles this is never an issue
For whom? In essence, for everybody from entry wargamer to veteran grognards. The game is great example how to bring more players to our hobby as it gradually introduces rules and is very aesthetic.
More about the game:

And now let us have a look at the components – all pictures from my session reports.

#2 Twilight’s Last Gleam scenario (Click to enlarge)
#2 Twilight’s Last Gleam scenario (Click to enlarge)
#3 Wind or Sniper? scenario (click to enlarge)
#3 Wind or Sniper? scenario (click to enlarge)
#7 Wounded Tiger scenario (Click to enlarge)
#7 Wounded Tiger scenario (Click to enlarge)



Having played decent amount of scenarios from 3rd edition, I can wholeheartedly recommend that game. I love the components and maps, I love the tank battles, I am able to play the game with much broader spectrum of players then my other complex wargames. And interesting, the only people who ever complained about spent check mechanics are those who played 2nd edition. All others are really fine and enjoy the mechanics.

Strongly recommended! See you in another game review!