Quite recently we had possibility to come back to ROOT and it was such a nice experience that a follow-up game was an obvious choice. However, as our previous game proved, playing with the six players is too cumbersome so we decided at classic four-factions set-up. Still, having the Riverfolk expansion we exchanged Birds for Lizards (I really like that faction). Beside this we had Marquise, Alliance and Vagabond.

How did it go? Well, please have a look at the below session photo report – that was definitely very interesting meeting!


Initial set-up – Cats everywhere, Alliance nowhere, Vagabond in center and Lizards starting expansion in far top-right corner (click the picture to enlarge)
The life of guerrilla-fighters is difficult; sympathy everywhere but all factions – including Cats and Vagabond – try to destroy you! (click the picture to enlarge)
But in the end even the hegemons of the woods were at each other – above one of the struggles between all-powerful Cats and quickly expanding Lizards
Finally! The revolution is here – poor, neglected and abused alliance fighters had risen in fox clearing! (click the picture to enlarge)
The final moments of the game were very tens as everybody tried to stop Marquise – but she was simply too strong and even rapid development of cultists did not help (click the picture to enlarge)
Cats are winning with significant lead over Lizards; Vagabond in the middle of the group and the Alliance finishing in last position (click the picture to enlarge)


Well, it is really hard to crush the power of Marquise; it is very difficult without Birds – all powerful and war-liking creatures; the Lizards tried to fill the vacuum but were developing too slowly; the same for Woodland Alliance – which was by the way harassed constantly with attacks from all sides; and Vagabond in the end decided to Ally with Marquise. Well, next time we would be more direct in dealing with Cats!