So, the French Army expansion to the The Great War really grabbed mine and Marcin’s interest – no surprise then that we continue with the Verdun scenarios. Today another four session reports, enriched with many pictures where you can see the scenarios set-ups, situation development and final results. As well as appreciate the beauty of the game – both in its graphical dimension as well as interesting game-play!

Scenario 45 – Verdun (Across the Meuse) – 6-9 March 1916

45 is the first scenario in which the river terrain hexes are used. My German forces are like “sitting ducks” ready to be shot so the only way would be to push forward ASAP. The initial shelling however was not the most fortunate, especially on my right:

Initial set-up of Scenario 45 (click to enlarge)

It is true that Germans forces were in overwhelming numbers:

Overwhelming numbers of Germans ready to cross Meuse (click to enlarge)

But even very precise shelling on French positions (see below Reserved Artillery roll!) did not helped me:

Direct hit on French trenches (click to enlarge)

Below final situation with main areas of action:

Final situation (click to enlarge)
  • Hard as I try, I was not able to do anything with 3 recon cards played by Marcin; time really was running against me
  • My strong attack in the left was easily repulsed by Marcin…
  • …while in the Center and on the Right I managed to eliminate French unit and take over the woods

However, that was all what my forces were able to accomplish that day and had to suffer staggering defeat 2-7!

Scenario 46 – Verdun (Le Mort Homme) – 13-20 March 1916

Ok, being so badly beaten in previous scenario the German forces were readying for a revenge. In complete contrast to the scenario depicting crossing the Meuse, once on the other side of the river, the Central Powers dig in:

Final situation (click to enlarge)
  • It was a shooting contest – being well entrenched I did not plan to move unless French forces were appropriate “soften-up”; the spotter Special Personnel not only was very helpful but became our favorite enhancement to standard forces
  • Once the forces on the hill were weakened, the Infantry Assault card led Germans forces forward. They were unstoppable.
  • And even two Recon cards were not able to save the day for Allies

Scenario 47 -Verdun (Fort Vaux) – 7-8 March 1916

Another scenario with Fort – I like those, as you have clear target and a lot of fun who gets there in sufficient numbers on time to hold it.

German forces ready to storm fort Vaux (click to enlarge)

Let us see what happened during our game – not to keep you in suspense, despite significant effort, the Germans did not succeed:

The end – close French Victory (click to enlarge)
  • I started with quick advance on fort – Assault Left, Infantry Assault, Order from HQ cards
  • In the meantime the lonely MG was quickly overrun:
French MG attacks German Bomber… just to be surprised by Ambush!
  • In third round my forces converged on Fort and… mutual slaughter began – really, hard to call it in any other way – units were falling in scores:
Germans storming the fort
  • In the end, thanks to two recon cards as well as counter-attack in the center, Marcin and his French troops prevailed!

Scenario 48 – Verdun (Malancourt) – 20-22 March 1916

Another scenario, which looks extremely tough for Germans. But despair not! We have three mortars and as we will see – they are extremely well suited for weakening the fortified positions. Set-up:

Getting ready to cross the river… (click to enlarge)

And now main actions during our game:

Close win by Germans (click to enlarge)
  • We both had opportunity to choose 1 Special Personnel; Marcin went for Light Machine Gun while I took Engineer
  • I advanced with Engineer on the left, cut the wire, attacked but was repulsed and killed. Another French victory? No way!
  • After careful preparation, I launched two Mortar Barrages, one with Storm of Fire. My units were firing with 5 dices, using the spotter for better accuracy. The result was inevitable – fortified positions were simple cleared from all human presence:
Spotted here, spotted there – if you want to take fortified position, use mortar!
  • Marcin again was putting a lot of pressure on me, scoring three VPs by Recon cards
  • To finish the game, I attacked the forest on my right and cleared it from French presence, narrowly winning the game!

Wow, that was a lot of fun with those 4 scenarios – they are pretty varied, with different objectives and initial situation. They also require using specific tactics and combos to succeed. I have feeling that 45 and especially 46 are slightly unbalanced. However, this is not a problem as you can always switch sides.

More to come! Cannot wait to get to the Tank scenarios!