There are games where to play well and have satisfaction you need to read tons of rulebooks and watch some YouTube guides – and we often play such titles (see Twilight Imperium or Hannibal session reports). However, there are also positions which are light, fast and give a lot of fun. But to create a wargame in that style? Yes, it is possible – such masterpiece exists – it is Enemies of Rome!

We managed this time to gather full, 5 players group and started in following set-up:

Initial set-up

What is the first rule of this game? Do not get too attached to your capital! And indeed, already in second round Krzysztof did a nasty thing, moving overseas large group of barbarians into Rome, Thrace and Syria:

Krzysztof stabs three of us in the back

After this, me and Maciej never recovered our capitals while Konrad managed to get a hold of Syria… but only for one turn before it was overrun again! Fortunately, Lukasz also received a surprise when whole Iberia revolted:

Lukasz has his own problems…

After this chaotic and unexpected series of events the known world looked like this:

Click to enlarge

Then Lukasz and Konrad started to think about expansion – so they move toward Britain, entrenching themselves against soon to come Boudica revolt:


Wow, the speed with which things started to happen now on the map accelerated once we got to events from 2nd and 3rd decks. A lot of empire crisis cards, and the amount of Barbarians started to rise exponentially – please note below constant march of Krzysztof towards Syria (he claimed he hates to swim), Konrad preparing a “safe heaven” for him in Italy and Britain, my forces completely dispersed around the map and Lukasz incursion into Gaul. Also, after being defeated, Maciej resurrected in Germany:

Developments in Imperial Rome in late 2nd century AD

After this – as being in the lead – I was targeted by multiple Barbarian raids and finished with only one province. The Gauls have risen and established multiple forts north of Alps, Konrad miraculously survived in Asia, Krzysztof took over Italy, Maciej reconquered my Islands and game finished like this:

The final barbarian onslaught almost swiped us away

Who won? We do not know! This is still being checked on Boardgamegeek as 3 points for largest number of provinces will have crucial impact for the scoring. Konrad and Maciej are tide with 5 regions each and 13 legions each (legions are usual tie-breaker). So we are waiting for official ruling while current scoring situation looks like this:

  1. Lukasz 14
  2. Michal 13
  3. Konrad 12
  4. Maciej & Krzysztof 11

The countless numbers of barbarians which flooded the civilized world reminded me of a very adequate songg which I will paste below as thematic summary for this session report… The Rome is Falling by Civil War!

Question (I think simple one): who is the main general in above song?