During last months, between all the boardgames meetings and other occasions, we had pleasure to play with Marcin another set of CCA scenarios which line up nicely as mini-campaign. This time Gauls arrive to Italy – just between two Punic Wars – and wreck havoc there, acquiring a lot of booty, which in the end they will all lose – just as their armies…

As usually, we designed one player to always command Romans (Marcin this time) and the other player to lead their adversaries (me managing Gauls).

Clusium (225 BC)

First, we start with scenario where cunning barbarian plan – cavalry in camps and hidden units in nearby forests – will allow them to defeat Roman Army:

Clusium – set-up

In our case that was almost historically, with Gauls actually pushing very hard on Romans right, to the extent of overrunning the hills. In center both armies clashed, with much stronger push from Roman side which lead to victory:

Clusium – final situation

Close Roman win, but still a win!

Telamon (225 BC)

Again, interesting scenario – is it the only one from official set where you have one army trapped between two?

Telamon – set-up

Marcin was able to start with perfect card – Mounted Charge. That smashed most of Barbarian Chariots and Cavalry plus killed one of two leaders! But counterattack by Auxilia and Warriors took Roman cavalry unaware, killing two of them. Still, hills were lost:

Telamon – final situation

In last, desperate move, Gauls – to die with honor – charged headlong north, using Inspire Any Sections Card. What a fight it was! Three Roman units were dispatched in one round. However, after this Marcin managed to easily perform “mop-up” action in hills and take them over.

More decisive Roman win. Do Gauls stand any chance?

Clastidium (222 BC)

As far as “mop-up” actions are concerned – below is example of this, where light infantry and cavalry were pursuing escaping Barbarians.

Clastidium – set-up

Romans charged with all their mounted units in first turn, killing one Auxilia and significantly reducing Gaul’s cavalry. But they did not break theme. A cunning counterattack killed two Roman cavalries. It started to get nervous in Consul camp… Still, one last charge was ordered to crush Barbarians…

Clastidium – final situation

And here First Strike by 1-block Medium Cavalry with barbarian Leader against exactly same opponent (1-block MC with LDR) changed everything. Cavalry was dead as well as leader. Well, that was nasty way to finish the scenario, but all Gauls chieftains agreed that after all those defeats, that was a just outcome 🙂


All in all, that was quick but enjoyable campaign – definitely not one sided – Gauls, although defeat, gave a lot of fight! Final score was:

Gauls (Michal) 14 to Romans (Marcin) 15

Next session reports will follow!