Couple of weeks ago I had pleasure to come back to Julius Caesar  and play very enjoyable and thrilling game with my regular opponent and good friend – Marcin. This time I managed to record all the stages of our game so I am inviting you to an epic, 5 years game with thrilling twists and turns and a decisive finish.

The initial set-up of Julius Caesar:

JC 10
That when Civil War broke out


Highlights of the turn:

  • With bold move Marc Anthony takes Rome
  • Race “to the East” starts – Caesar takes Byzantium and Athena, Pompey – Ephesus
  • We build our forces, navies, etc
  • Vulcano erupts in Narbo, decisively diminishing power of my forces
  • All in all this is “lull before the storm”, but at least my Caesar gets some points to prevent auto-victory of Pompey

And graphical depiction (click “+” to enlarge):

JC 20
49 BC ends with some changes of the map


Finally, fight begins and with what power! – a huge army of 6 units attacks Tarraco and despite desperate defense, takes the city:

JC 30

Highlights of the turn:

  • Fall of Tarraco to Cesarean legions
  • Two legions in Athena are being crushed by Pompeian forces, city falls
  • What is worse, while Caesar approaches Antioch, some legions lurk near Byzantium…
  • Both sides invest heavily in navy, with Caesar in the lead
  • Quite an even turn, everything can happen but time clicks against “rebels”

And the map at the end of the turn (click “+” to enlarge):

JC 31
In 48 BC we see first fights


One of the decisive moments of the game – three legions attack Byzantium, but Caesar in time builds the ballistas – all three attackers are being destroyed:

JC 40

Highlights of the turn:

  • Great Battle near Byzantium (first Adrianople? 🙂 )
  • Using the opportunity and focus of Pompeian forces in the East, legions from the Rome take Uttica while another force approaches Sicily
  • And in Spain large contingents of mercenaries are being gathered and equipped by Caesar forces

Map (click “+” to enlarge):

JC 41
47 BC – year of significant developements


Highlights of the turn:

  • It is slow beginning of the end for Pompey, as Carthago Nova falls and Caesar fleet rules the seas
  • Unfortunately, best Caesar legion defects in Sicily…
  • Vulcano kills my last unit in Tarraco thus -1 point 😦
  • Additionally both sides build large forces with last, decisive turn in mind

And the situation at the end (click “+” to enlarge):

JC 50
46 BC – things are bad for Pompey but not beyond some hope


Highlights of the turn:

  • The seas are red with blood of poor marines – three large battles take place in Mare Internum, leaving only few alive
  • But those few survivors are the battle-hardened sailors of Caesar,  thanks to whom he lands in Egypt (2 points) while his legion – and he himself – takes by surprise Antioch
  • All this was done to avoid large Pompeian contingents in Ephesus, Athena and Sicilly

And the situation at the end (click “+” to enlarge):

JC 60


Well, that was a really good game. First turn divided the board between our forces and then the slow, methodical and precise grinder of the Caesar forces prevailed. I really like in JC that in order to win you need to think long term and usually one or two won battles are not enough. You need to be systematic (build fleet, build fleet, build fleet you fool!), use events to your advantage (see fall of Taracco), try to clean-up whole portions of map so your back is covered (Spain). Anyhow, we for sure will play the re-match which I will also happily report!

PS. If you would like to read other session reports from my blog in English, just click on following link or choose category: In English