Inspired by other fellow bloggers (#cliosboardgames, #rockymountainnavy and #Dude! Take Your Turn!) I also looked back at my 2019 as far as played wargames and boardgames are concerned. I am lucky to use Board Games Stats app so creating some interesting statistics was really easy. Let us have a look into details below!

General stats

That was a good year – 61 different games played 255 times. Of course, many of them were the smaller and shorter ones, but still I am glad that on average 2 out of 3 days were with some game! Well, that is of course the trick of statistics – there were days when I played one small game 6 times, and days with one large wargame, but I do not mind.

Insights into number of players and with whom I played with

There were really many players I had a chance to sit down with at the boardgame table but not surprisingly, the tops three are my wife and most ardent wargaming hobby supporters – Marcin and Kuba. I am big fan of all historical and war-alike games thus 2-player sessions are most common.

First 11 most played boardgames and wargames

And now to the most important and interesting statistics. The BGStats divides all your played games into couple of categories:

  • centuries – played 100 times or more – well, in 2019 I was not biased on any of my favorite games so much to play more then 100 times in one single year. But it was not so always – in 2016 I played Commands Colors Ancient 165 times
  • quarters – played 25 times or more; here we have three leaders – the newest installment of Commands & Colors series: Medieval (27 plays), the great adventure and RPG game – Gloomhaven(27 games) and a very short but interesting and pretty repayable Fantasy Realms (26 games)
  • dimes – played 10 times or more – here is quite a nice representation, starting with my all-time-most -played-game: Commands Colors Ancients. I am really glad that I managed to pull 18 games of ROOT. Other three, Colt Express, Dobble or For Sale, are either short euros or games I played with kids.
  • fives – played 5 times or more – only three of them, but again you see Commands Colors series title – The Great War. Azul is always worth a time and Saboteur– recently acquired – the game which you can play up to 10 people!
Second half of most played games (places from 11 to 22)

In the second part of the report, except for many games I played with my children, there are some interesting titles like Time of Crisis, Combat Commander, No Retreat! or Conflict of Heroes. All of them I would like to play more in 2020!