Two weeks ago we had pleasure to once again discover the beauty of Antike  – quick, face-pace, rondel-type game. The occasions was a celebration of Kuba’s birthday and we had a lot of fun both on the board as well as aside of it. Agnieszka prepared fantastic food for the evening, we had a lot of histories told by another Agnieszka (K.) who had really interesting stickers on her hand (well, skiing is not always healthy) and all in all, time spent with other guests (Maciej, Ola, Olga, Magda, etc.) was a wonderful evening.

 As far as the game is concerned we started in the following, six-players set-up (click to enlarge):


As you can see both Marcin and I (Michal) had pretty difficult, “internal” starting positions, while the rest of players had at least to some extent their backs covered. That had huge implications for the game dynamics and resulted in some unexpected developments.

First of all, we had constant clashes and tension between Marcin’s and Łukasz’s forces. Just look at below picture – is it peaceful cooperation? (click to enlarge)IMG_2849

As for the highlights of the game, here they are:

  1. My initial landing with the Phoenician faction in Alexandria – pretty contested theater (mainly by Konrad’s Egyptians) which I luckily (and by force) managed to keep till the end of the game.
  2. Constant build up of the forces on the Lukasz – Marcin border, which in the end concluded in Marcin’s temples being burned…
  3. Kuba had time to gradually develop his forces unmolested – with constant war between me and  Konrad (Egyptians) and threat from Marcin it was really difficult for me to contest him.
  4. In the end two pretenders to win the game clashed – it happened in North Africa and both Filip and Konrad were engaged. We did not play long enough to see the end of this struggle – but it would be very interesting.
  5. Surprising (or maybe not) raid of Konrad through Middle East – it was not defended as just a turn ago Marcin was crushed by Łukasz. Well, where two fights, the third  one gains…
  6. In the end there was tension – like a cold war – between me and Kuba, with no actual war but a lot of hostilities – he still managed to get through a Bosporus and gain last points to win the game. CONGRATS TO KUBA!

And just to graphically present the situation, the map (click to enlarge):


Well, as always, playing Antike was a quick, furious and enjoyable experience!

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